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The Mogwarts School Livejournal Community

Mogwarts-School of the Dark Arts and Bastardology
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Mogwarts is the school founded by Severus Snape himself author of "101 Ways to be a Bastard". The School specializes in The Dark Arts and Bastardology.

Here is a message from the headmaster himself to the creators of this community- "

To Whom it May Concern,

I the most bastardly headmasterdly Severus Snape would like to congratulate you on your acceptance to Mogwarts for this year. I do hope the year abroad at school for the bastardlyish muggle went well. I would like to make sure that all the time in the sun, did not take the paleness from your complexion. As headmaster I am pleased to offer you a scholarship for your house this coming term, since you have created the lovely website. Should you accept the money you must be advised to only take part in the most slimy things possible. This year, washing ones hair is simply prohibited. Please send your response through Rat Mail if possible as I will be taking part in some bastardly deeds, and I am in need of a good grease shower, therefore I have locked up the schools Owlrey.

Severus Snape
Headmaster of Mogwarts School
P.H.D. in Bastardology
Ruler of your new universe
Author of "My Bastard and Me"

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