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Welcome Unwelcome! [Jun. 3rd, 2004|10:36 pm]
Mogwarts-School of the Dark Arts and Bastardology


[I'm feeling rather... |bastardly]

::Incoming Owl Mail::
Bastard Headmaster Snape Sends Message From Mogwarts School for Wizards

Prospective Bastardly Wizarding Students,
I the most bastardly headmasterdly Severus Snape would like offer you admittance into Mogwarts School Of The Dark Arts and Bastardology. This fine establishment offers young wizards and muggles the opportunity to model themselves after yours truely. As headmaster I strive to create a perfect example of how one might grow in their bastardlyishness. As author of ‘My bastard and Me’ I do believe that I am in fact the most bastardly wizard to have ever existed. My achievements not only include having the greasiest hair of a wizard today, but I have also complied a rather grotesque collection of disgusting objects which I love to put on display. If you are interested in my Bastard Catalog from a few years ago, you can’t have it! As I am usually swamped with owl-post applications for this term I would ask that you send me Rat Mail. If accepted you will be alerted as late as I can possibly let you know. Bad Luck!
Headmaster Severus Snape